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Free Shipping On Orders To US + Canada | Handcrafted With Love in NOLA


September 2016
Stepping into Fall
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Spring 2016
Like a Rolling Stone
“I’ve always been the girl who would wear a party dress with sneakers."
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                                                          November 2015
Add a Little Sparkle
                                        “I’ve been a maker for eight years now.
I taught myself how to make everything from studying the raw materials and tools,

researching methods online, and recently, I've traveled to take a few courses.I'm still learning and gaining experience: it's a forever goal to continue to do this."

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September 2015
20 Questions with Jess Leigh Gholston
"I'm casual with a little sparkle here and there." Full Article


August 2015
Cue Magazine
Ladies Who Launch
"In order to be able to design for anyone; I had to know how to design for myself first."

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February 2015
LSU Reveille
Jess Leigh Jewels brings repurposed jewelry to New Orleans

Gholston said one of her favorite activities is searching for vintage costume jewelry to take apart and recreate to be worn on an everyday basis.
This is just one area where she collects supplies. She said all of the items in her designs involve bits and pieces from all over.

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December 2014
St. Charles Avenue via
"My line has something for everyone. Making unique, one-of-a-kind items makes my customers feel unique themselves."

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November 2013
Go Invade
Interview: Jessica Leigh of Jess Leigh Jewels

"It was also a validation that I had made a very right choice in my life. I feel like that is something so rare. Since then, I treasure each milestone."

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November 2012
RAW Artists of New Orleans
Accessories Designer of the Year

Jess Leigh Jewels Artist Profile